Week 15: APR 21-27

Weekly Winners

“Let’s Go (Remix),” Khalid ft. GoldLink (JH)

A very good song from Khalid’s American Teen (that narrowly missed the cut for inclusion on the playlist the week it was released) was treated with a verse from GoldLink, one of my favorite rappers on the rise. She bangs.

“Systematic,” DJ Shadow ft. Nas (EJ)

HBO’s Silicon Valley is known for featuring some bomb end-credits music. This song played at the conclusion of the recent season four premiere, which served as its debut. DJ Shadow has a long history of great production, and the legendary Nas is in fine form on this one.

Winner, by unanimous decision…

Khalid ft. GoldLink  :::  Let’s Go (Remix)

Honorable Mentions

Jake’s Hons:

“Lens,” Frank Ocean

  • After Ocean’s most recent album blond came out I was worried we were going to be staring down the barrel of another multi year hiatus. Instead Frank has been banging out new work and collabs like he has yet to leave the studio. Thank you Frank, we all thank you.

“Mic Jack,” Big Boi ft. Adam Levine

  • Big Boi had a super strong outing this week. Both Mic Jack and Kill Jill were immediate adds to my Summer 2017 Playlist. They also have pretty different feels so I’m not sure what Big Boi has cooking but I do know that I’m definitely in whatever it is.

“Kill Jill,” Big Boij ft. Killer Mike & Jeezy

  • See above.

“Content,” Joywave

  • Joywave is one of those bands I really wish would get more attention because they do great work. Their last proper album How Do You Feel Now was one of my favorite albums of 2015. Fun fact: most of the songs have samples from Disney movies.

Eric’s Hons:

“Hate That You Know Me,” Bleachers

  • Fun, upbeat tune with a Summer vibe. Bleachers is the solo project of Jack Antonoff, the guitarist from Fun. Watch for the new album in the coming weeks.

“Fictions,” Shallou

  • The second song in three weeks that I’ve featured from the Chicago-based solo project Shallou.

“Magnolia,” Playboi Carti

  • Another Atlanta product with that trap sound we’ve come to expect. A good beat with a bouncy flow, can’t go wrong.

“Gilligan,” D.R.A.M. ft. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J

  • I named my fish after D.R.A.M. so I feel a little bit obligated to give whatever he does some recognition. This song took a few listens to grow on me, but it’s a solid offering from Mr. Does Real Ass Music. Nice to see A$AP Rocky (and the A$AP crew at large) get some new stuff out there — expect more from them in the coming weeks.

For real though — you see the resemblance here, right?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.57.51.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.58.56.png

“Drummer Boy,” MisterWives

  • This song is just a great iteration of pop music in this day an age. They rely on actual instrumentation, something that’s become rare in the modern spectrum of pop, and bring it on this song with an excellent chorus. They clearly have some deep indie and folk influences, but make no mistake — this is pop music done well.





This is a really good remix of a really excellent song, but there’s no unseating King Kendrick from his throne this week.

Winner: Kendrick Lamar



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