Introducing the 2017 Song of the Year Championship Belt

Well, 2016 was a shit-show, huh? Mass shootings, celebrity deaths, Zika freak outs, the election of a moldy mandarin orange to our country’s highest office–the year really had it all. It’s said that great art thrives in times of tragedy. For all its bullshit, 2016 did give us one gift: MUSIC. One great release after another was pumped out and into our earholes.

I could use this space to rehash all of the great releases that 2016 saw*, but that’s really not the point. The point of this newly minted blog, dear readers, is to guide you on a journey through the coming year’s best releases week by week with the only sure-fire method there is (that’s also inspired by professional wrestling and stolen from Reddit and one of our favorite podcasts): the passage of a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!



*Several fine year-long lists and compilations may be found across the interwebs, prepared by persons more qualified than we are. A few to check out: NPR, Pitchfork, Complex.

Our goal is to stay on top of all the new music that’s coming out and bring you the best of the best. This is no easy task, with hours of tracks released every week across multiple platforms, so to keep us on the straight and narrow we have instituted a few simple rules to our process:

  1. The track must be released as a single or as part of an album/mixtape in the calendar year of 2017.
  2. Nominations will be submitted on a weekly basis, and will be finalized on Thursdays.
    • Nominations will focus on new releases of the corresponding week, but exceptions may be made for songs deemed to be a real heater that took a little while to grow on you.
  3. The Wolfsong committee will convene and decide on a weekly winner the following Friday. This requires a consensus pick and no butt-hurtedness.
  4. The belt will only pass if the week’s song is deemed superior to the previous belt-holder.
  5. Belt-holders will be compiled in a Spotify playlist, with weekly nominees and honorable mentions relegated to a separate playlist.

Joining me on this quest is my good friend and collaborator Jacob Herauf. We will also be welcoming guest contributors throughout the year.

This is your cue to volunteer your services, readers! Help us to span platform, genre, time, and space (OK maybe not the last two).

There you have it–an introduction to the 2017 SOTY Championship Belt. Check this space soon for our inaugural winner. We promise it won’t be a stale orange marshmallow Peep with wispy blonde pubes draped across its head.

– EJ




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